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Whisper (details)


examines the love song as a an intimate conversation, which in most instances is designed to go public. This photographic installation takes away the voice of the conversation instead seeing the love song as a contemplative expression through images of the conversations creation. The work makes reference to Ed Schein’s book Humble Inquiry, an academic examination to the art of the conversation, in which the author examines various forms of conversation and how to build empathy through mindful listening. The Humble Inquiry series of works examines the art of the conversation sans utterance or without human voice. This series of my work examines conversation by the means of noise via experimental, improvised sounds or silence.

The images examine the love song through its creation with the final result being the album or release of the song. Here the artist is playing the role of troubadour working out the content the artist is putting forth to the receiver of this message. The love song is portrayed as conversation between one and their lover, a silent perusal of an intimate moment.

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