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Musica Ficta (details)

Musica Ficta

is a participatory sound installation, where participants are invited to draw on score paper with a Theremin Pencil and then touch the lines they have completed with a finger and  again with the pencil. The second touch allows to participant to create music from the pencil line and the Theremin Pencil. How the pencil touches the line controls the pitch and oscillation of the sounds generated. This was presented as part of Exhibit 27 at Dupont Projects, Toronto, January, 2012.
The scores will later be translated by Canadian electronic ensemble, Quartetto Graphica. Quartetto Graphica are a quartet who dedicate their music practice to the translation of modernist and contemporary scores using electronic instrumentation.
Arnd Jurgensen - electric guitar
Guy LeBlanc - no-input mixing board
Mike Hansen - record player
Pau Torres - analogue synth


performed by Quartetto Graphica below

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