Curriculum vitae

Michael Hansen

b. 1958


solo exhibitions            

2020      • Remix, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, ON
               • Hoi Polloi/ Ijin (video installation), The Cotton Factory, Hamilton, ON

               • Today-Yesterday, Newfoundland, James Baird Gallery, St John’s, NL

               • Sound Works, You Me Gallery, Hamilton, ON

2019      • Remix Series (paintings), James Baird Gallery, Miami, FL, USA

2018     • Remix Series Paintings, Studio Exhibit, Hamilton, On

2016     • Itch (installation), Nuit Blanche, Toronto, On

              • Hoi Polloi (installation), Division Gallery, Toronto, On

              • Itch (performance) Katzman Gallery, Toronto, On

2014     • Ursonata Choir, Nuit Blanche, The Distillery, Toronto On

2012     • Hoi Polloi, Modern Fuel, Kingston, On

              • Gnothi Seauton (sound installation), Angell Gallery, Toronto, On

              • Thundering Hoof (sound installation), Electric Eclectics Festival, Meaford, On.

2011     • All Night Mic (12 hour performance), Nuit Blanche, (curated by Earl Miller), Toronto, On

              • Rock ‘N’ Bolly: 3D, (3D video), Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, On.

2010     • Hoi Polloi, The Toronto International Art Fair, (invitation), Toronto, On.

2008     • Fleeting, The Gales Gallery, York University, Toronto, On

2007     • Hoi Polloi, (A Month of Photography), Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, On

2006     • Hoi Polloi, York University, Goldfarb Building, Toronto, On

              • Paper, James Baird @ Pouch Cove, Pouch Cove NL

2005     • Currents, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, On

             • Pillow Talk, (video installation), YYZ (window projects), Toronto, On

             • Itch, the installation, Forest City Gallery, London, On, Canada

2004     • Currents, James Baird Gallery, St John’s, NL, Canada

2003     • Itch, the installation, The New Gallery, Calgary, AB, Canada

             • Itch, the installation, Gobsmacked, Marilyn Brewer Gallery, Harbourfront, Toronto, On

2002     • Itch, the installation, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, MB, Canada             

             • Beautyrest, James Baird Gallery, St John's NL, Canada

2001     • Beautyrest, ARC Gallery, Chicago IL, USA

2000     • Five Colours: the early encaustics, James Baird Gallery, St John’s, NFLD

             • Structures: 5 years 1995-2000, Art Gallery of Peel, curated by David Somers, Brampton Ontario

             • Beautyrest, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

             • Mantlepiece Project, Chapters Books, curated by Kate Brown, Toronto, Ontario

1999     • Trans-, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1998     • Structures, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

             • Encaustic Paintings & Collages, Michael Gibson Gallery, London, Ontario

1997     • C.F.A., James Baird Gallery, St. John’s, NL

              • ... after these Messages, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1996     • Please Open, Objects Boxes and Paintings, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

              • 30 Seconds, Justine M. Barnicke Gallery, Hart House, Toronto, Ontario

1994     • Linda Genereux Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1991     • Black and White in Colour, Lake Galleries, Toronto, Ontario

1990     • Lake Galleries, Toronto, Ontario

1988     • It's Real, Weller/Potovsky Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1986     • Super Heroes, Weller/Potovsky Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1985     • Bam Pow, Weller's Gallery, Toronto, Ontario


group exhibitions



             • Swarm, Hamilton Artist Inc., Hamilton, On


            • Animation Festival, The Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax, NS.

            •Video Store, New Gallery, Calgary AB


            • Video Store, Judith and Norman Alix Art Gallery Sarnia, On

            • Video Store, Third Space Gallery, Saint John, NB


            • The Noise Project, (Killing Me Softly with Birdsong video), Gallery 99, Toronto, On

            • Video Store, (6Th Day Clone video), Access Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

            • The Noise Project, (various sound and video works)

            • Video Store, (6Th Day Clone video), ODD Gallery at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC), Dawson City, Yukon


            • The Gaze, (Flotsam video), The Art Gallery of Mississauga/ Mississauga City Hall/ Mississauga Public Square,               Mississauga, On.

            • Process Archive, (Mutopia 7), M.S.T. Performance Festival, Pith Gallery, Calgary Alberta

            • The Ursonata Choir, (video/sound installation), Nuit Blanche, Dada Re-Boot, The Distillery District, Toronto, On.

            • Mutopia 7, The Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta

            • Automation Animation, (Flotsam video), Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax, N.S.

            • 365 Days of Cycling, (video installation), Centre for Social Innovation, Toronto, On.

            • Exhibit 27, (“Musica Ficta” sound installation), Dupont Projects, Toronto, On.


            • Items May Shift, (“Thundering Hoof ” interactive sound installation), curated by Earl Miller, The Tree Museum, Gravenhurst, On

            • Big on Bloor, (“Aegis Cluster” installation), curated by Dyan Marie, corner of Dufferin and Bloor Streets, Toronto, On.

            • Art’s Birthday, (Itch performance), curated by New Adventures in Sound Art, Wychwood Art Barns, Toronto, On.


           • Warm Ice, (“Rosebud”, interactive video installation) Curated by Carla Garnet, Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough, On.

           • Meeting Point, (“Letter to Home”) Kenderdine Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.

           • Sound Travels, New Adventures in Sound Art, performance/talk, Wychwood Barns, Toronto, On.


            • Meeting Point, The Doris McCarthy Gallery, Toronto, On

            • The Communism of Forms: Sound + Image + Time, AGYU, York University/Red Bull Gallery, Toronto, On


             • Love Us, X Space Gallery, Toronto, On


            • Love/Hate:New Crowned Glory in the G.T.A., The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, On

            • The Communism of Forms: Sound + Image + Time, Sao Paulo Cultural Center/ Galeriia Vermelo, Sao Paulo, Brasil, S.A.

            • The Communism of Forms, A Gentil Carioca Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, S.A

            • The Communism of Forms, Appetite Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, S.A.

            • Tangents, Accolades Gallery West, York University, Toronto, On


            • Toronto Alternative Arts Fair International, Itch, Invitational, Toronto, On

            • Music, Art and Climate Change, King’s Hall, University of Newcastle, Newcastle uponTyne, England

            • dp003 converse without leaving home, Cooper Gallery, University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland, UK


            • Self Portraits, James Baird @Pouch Cove, Pouch Cove NL


             • Let’s Go To Bed, curated by James Baird, Pouch Cove Foundation, Pouch Cove  NL


            • Real Fabrications, (Creature Comforts) Art Gallery of Prince Albert, Prince Albert, Sk

            • Water, James Baird Gallery, St John’s NL

            • Gallery Artists, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto,


            • Art with Heart, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario     

            • Home Show, (BeautyRest) Winnipeg Art Gallery, curated by James Patton, Winnipeg, Manitoba


            • Emergency #9, Outerspace: Sounds Impossible To Dance To, Artspace, Peterborough, and Ontario


             • Glow Show, Archive Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

             • Afterglow, S.P.I.N. Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

             • Exhibition 2000: New Works, Galerie Taksu, Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia


              • 700 Contemporary Art, London, Ontario


            • Galerie Taksu, Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia

            • Words That Break Your Heart, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Ontario


            • Deluxe Assortment, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

            • The Glow Show, Archive, Toronto, Ontario

            • A Great Gathering, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

            • Event '97, Jens Theilssen Galleries, London, Ontario

            • Event '97, Event Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Ontario


            • Hearts to Steel, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

            • Fire and Ice: Contemporary Canadian Abstraction, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Ontario

            • Spirit Chasers, Angell Gallery, Toronto, Ontario


             • Casey House Art Auction, Toronto, Ontario


              • Casey House Art Auction, Toronto, Ontario


            • Annual Invitational, Interaccess, Toronto, Ontario

            • Petites Format, Gallery 7, Toronto, Ontario

            • 200 Leaves, Partisan Gallery, Toronto, Ontario       

            • Grand Opening (Gallery Artists), Gallery 7, Toronto, Ontario


            • Event' 92, Event Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

            • The Fetish Show, Lake Galleries, Toronto, Ontario

            •Toronto School of Art Benefit Auction, Lake Galleries, Toronto, Ontario

            • Pickets by Artists, Canadian Labour Congress Convention, (CUPW) Vancouver, B.C.

            • Towards Urban Abstraction, Lake Galleries, Toronto, Ontario


            • New Abstraction, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

            • Xmas Show, Lake Galleries, Toronto, Ontario

            • Toronto School of Art Benefit Auction, Lake Galleries, Toronto, Ontario

            • The Mask Show, Lake Galleries, Toronto, Ontario

            • A Secret History of Toronto Painting, (Earl Miller, Curator) Lake Galleries, Toronto, Ontario

            • GST Show, Lake Galleries, Toronto, Ontario


            • Art Against the GST, Lake Galleries, Toronto, Ontario

            • Housing is a Right, PowerPlant, Toronto, Ontario

            • Round Up '90, Open Studio Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario

            • Inaugural Event! Event Gallery, Toronto, Ontario


            • Anniversary Show, Weller/Potovsky Gallery, Toronto, Ontario


             • A Diamond Dozen (Donna Lypchuck, curator) The Diamond, Toronto, Ontario


            • Inaugural Exhibition, Weller's Gallery, Toronto, Ontario



professional credits


            • Master of Fine Arts, York University, Toronto, On

            • Adjunct Professor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

            • Instructor, York University

            • Instructor, painting and sculpture, Ontario College of Art and Design

            • Director, (Board of Directors) Pouch Cove Foundation




2014     • “Tree Museum 2011-2012”, ‘Items May Shift”, essay and curated by Earl Miller, The Tree Museum, Doe Lake Road, Muskoka, On.

2011     • “Picture House: The Art of Bollywood”, Curated by Ali Adil Khan and Asma Arshard Mahmood, with an essay by Mike Hansen, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, On.

2010     • “Warm Ice”, introduction Celeste Scopelities, text by Carla Garnet, Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough, On.

            • “Volume 30-Issue 1”, Existere-Journal of Arts and Literature, Fall/Winter 2010, York University, Toronto, On.

2009     • “Meeting Point”, Introduction by Ann MacDonald, text by Earl Miller, The Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto, Scarborough, On.

2008     • “Love Us”, York University, X Space Gallery, Toronto, On

2007     • “A Month of Photography, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, On

2006     • “dp003 converse without leaving home”, Cooper Gallery, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK

2003     • “Home Show” exhibition catalogue, Winnipeg Art Gallery, essay (Intimate Dwelling: Finding Our Way Home) by Anne Brydon

2000     • “Structures”, Exhibition Catalogue Mike Hansen, Art Gallery of Peel, essay by Gordon Hatt.

2000     • “Cries and Whispers”    CD by Dominic Duval String Trio, Cadence Records, New York

1999     • “Grey Brought to Life”   National Post, Weekend Post Magazine, Aug 28, 1999

1997     • “Odes” Poetry Text by Ken Norris, Coachhouse Press

1993     • “Waiting for Alice” Poetry Text by Victor Coleman 10 Multicoloured lino-prints, Edition of 36

1990     • “Round Up 90”, Exhibition Catalogue, The Power Plant, Toronto, On.




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