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Artist Statement/About

Artist Statement

My current research and practice evolves around notions of noise as a tool to create a social situation. Noise is defined as what it is not, generating a negative stereotype. I see noise as an invitation not a disturbance. The installations I create allow the beholder to play a pivotal role in the works’ authorship.

The spectator may not be aware of their role in my works constructing a mystery by exploiting the sounds and movements of themselves.  Many of my installations are an invitation to the gallery goer to touch and /or to speak causing us to break the codes of established gallery ethics.

I believe my works expand the insight of the participant, by the creation of community through shared experience. The non-passive role of the spectator allows one to achieve an understanding of contemporary art practices by playing a strong position in the works actually function.

The works I create put the spectator in various situations from walking the red carpet to becoming a giant in the woods. The participant plays actor, improviser and creator. From triggering an experience to, possibly unknowingly, building the work itself.


Mike Hansen is a senior Canadian artist who uses sound and noise to develop artworks in various mediums. He is well known as an established colourist painter, sound artist and experimental musician. His body of work explores the visualization of sound and noise. Hansen has exhibited globally in public museums, commercial galleries, and artist-run centres. 

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